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Blue Cover

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20' x 36' Rectangle Solar Covers

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Standard Blue Solar Cover 20 ft. x 36 ft. Rectangular 12 Mil

Item #4592036




Reduce your heating costs by using the Standard Blue Solar Cover to collect solar heat and transmit it into your pool water. The passive solar heating can raise your pool temperature by 15 degrees.

  • Thousands of small air bubbles convert solar energy into usable heat and transfers it into your pool
  • Heats your pool without relying on electricity or fossil fuels
  • Drastically cuts down on water evaporation, the #1 source of swimming pool heat loss
  • Extends the swimming season by keeping pool warmer for longer

Size: 20 ft. x 36 ft.
Shape: Rectangular
Mil: 12
Material: Resin
Warranty: 6 Year Warranty / 2 Year Full