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The unique Beluga Solar Heater is the little pool heater that makes a whale of a difference! Use the sun's rays and your backyard hose to raise the temperature of your swimming pool water. It is easy to set up and even easier to use.

Installation Requirements:

  • Circulation Pump
  • 1½" Threaded Connector at Water Inlet to Pool
  • Garden Hose (black rubber hose works best)
  • Sun!


  • Turn the pool pump off
  • Screw the device into the pool inlet
  • Attach a garden hose to the outlet at the top of the device
  • Lay the hose in a sunny area
  • Place the discharge end of the hose over the pool
  • Turn the pool pump back on
  • Adjust the cap on the face of the device towards a closed position to force water into the garden hose
  • You may need to aggressively close the cap to fill the garden hose
  • Once water is flowing from the opposite end of the hose, adjust the flow to approximately a ½" diameter or smaller stream

The longer the water is in the hose, the warmer the water will be when it exits


  • To increase the temperature of water entering the pool, use the longest hose that your space allows
  • To reduce heating time, adjust the water flow to maximize the size of the stream at the time of day when the temperature is the hottest
  • Works at its best when used along with a solar cover


  • Always make sure the discharge end of the hose is located securely over the pool
  • To avoid damage or injury, remove the device when the pool is in use
  • The Beluga device is NOT designed to pump water to high elevations such as roofs of houses. Using the device in this manner will damage the unit and may damage your pump. Please do not use the device to lift water more than 5' from the pool inlet
  • To prevent damage consult your pump manual before installing the Beluga device

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